Life Science

4Bio Analyzer

Biochemistry analyzers.


The 4BioCell biochemistry analyzers offer a quick and easy way of determining the substrate, metabolites and product in your cell culture or fermentation sample. The proven photometric measuring method offers high precision, accuracy and linearity.


-Low sample volume

-Low calibration routine

-Low maintenance

-23 parameters (+ Open Channel)

-Flexible by simple changing of the parameters, no combination assays

-Easy operation with first-class software and supplied hardware

-Cooled reagent tray -Long on-board stability (30 days)

-Automatic test repetition with dilution

-Automatic pre-dilution up to 1: 100*

-CFR part 11 compliance

-Liquid sensors for detecting the fill level in samples, reagent and tanks


* The automatic sample dilution starts when the maximum linearity limit is exceeded, so that you always get a result even with highly concentrated samples. The cooled reagents allow a CV of less than 10% to be maintained for many days without recalibrating the device.



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