Top quality with focus

KREIENBAUM Neoscience ensures its partners and clients receive the highest competence and relevant solutions that withstand daily operations, with specialization in products for clearly defined medical fields.


High-quality products, such as heating equipment for surgeries and vein finders. We guarantee the maximum of safety for both the user and the patient.


From reliable suction aids, sonography equipment and more -we make significant contributions to modern obstetrics.


The experts benefit from our top quality equipment for daily laboratory routines – for clinical chemistry over microbiology and hematology to cytology.


Gentle products for blood collection, developmental care and other solutions, we ensure we provide the best start in life for neonates.


Our treatment portfolio for children and teens makes us the market leader in the Cystic fibrosis diagnosis.


Our selected products for Enuresis therapy and urine volume determination, increase the chances of successful treatment.