AccuVein is an American company from New York. The company targets major healthcare challenges with advanced technologies. The innovative AV400 allows health care professionals to locate peripheral veins on the patient’s skin, making them easily visible for venipuncture. The AccuVein system was designed using AccuVein’s expertise in medical equipment miniaturization, complimented by an intuitive design. It is the world’s first handheld, non-contact vein illumination solution. With over a dozen patents worldwide, AccuVein demonstrates its ongoing commitment to improving patient care and patient satisfaction.

Advanced Instruments, Inc. is a leading supplier of equipment for clinical, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, microbiological and food labs worldwide. Quality, reliability, service and support are the basic principles of the company since its foundation in 1955.

Augustine Surgical Inc. will be recognized as the world’s leading supplier of innovative surgical safety products and services.          Dr. Scott Augustine, CEO of Augustine Surgical and inventor of the HotDog technology, is the world’s expert in patient temperature management.

Beldico is a manufacturer and supplier of various medical devices and is active in the production and sales of hospital care commodities and high value medical single-use devices for various medical fields such as: haemodialysis, intensive care, anaesthesiology, radiology, neonatology, etc. Beldico employs about 90 dedicated employees; its plant covers 4800 m² and possesses its own injection and blow moulding site as well as 600 m² clean room facilities.

Anne Marie Enneking-Louwerse is pediatric nurse, mother of a preemie and founder of Benjamin Care. Her vision is to make skin-to-skin contact for newborn babies to a golden standard. Thus all Benjamin Care products have one thing in common: the principle of inseparableness of parents and children right from the moment of birth.

Brown Medical Industries was founded in 1965 by a surgeon – Dr. Ivan E. Braun. The company which is from Spirit Lake, Iowa (USA), employs approximately 50 people and manufactures and distributes over 50 products. The starting point of the company, was the development of the patented finger splint- Plastalume®. The company has been ISO 9001 certified since 2003; and all products have a CE mark.

Dandle Lion Medical is a small company with a big heart! All our products are created at the suggestion of clinicians or with an advisory team of clinicians. We are passionate about helping caregivers provide the best care for babies and their families.

Anzacare, is a well-established medical device company from New Zealand. The company provides reliable and groundbreaking wireless and wired enuresis therapy Systems DRI Sleepers.

Since 1970, Wescor (member of the ELITechGroup) has been developing and producing high-quality tools for medicine, science, research and industry. The technology company is based in Logan Utah, USA and has made a worldwide name for itself with its unique products. With the MACRODUCT®, SWEAT CHEK ™ and NANODUCT ™ sweat test systems, Wescor has been the market leader in the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis for years and provide an indispensable contribution to the early detection of this hereditary disease. ELITechGroup is the guarantor for innovative cutting-edge technology at the highest level.

Golden Standard for mucoviscidosis diagnostics. As FKGO Kreienbaum Neoscience distributes a high-class chloridmeter, which is used in every german mucoviscidosis ambulance. Since the device got its FDA approval, it continues its triumphal march in American laboratories.

GBUK Enteral Ltd is dedicated to the provision of innovative devices that enable healthcare professionals to provide enteral feeding support to patients. The company is very dynamic and innovative and is market-leading with some products.

GBUK Banana is dedicated to innovative and high-quality products for patient moving and handling. The products directly enhance and improve the safety and well-being of patients and carers.

Founded in 2006, Hospitech Respiration Ltd is committed to the development and commercialization of innovative medical devices, aimed at enhancing the quality of care, promoting patient safety and reducing complications in mechanically ventilated patients.

Inspiration Healthcare Group is a global supplier of medical technology for intensive care, surgery and home healthcare applications.

Mcube Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of “residual urine sonography” and incontinence therapy. The company was founded in 1999 by a consortium of researchers and technicians from the Samsung Group. The company achieves innovative concepts by using the latest technologies. Continuous research and development guarantees the customer functional products with top performance.

The company from Malaysia is the leading supplier for various consumables for airway management e.g. nasal cannulas. The products are used in different hospital departments around the world.

Medovis is focusing on optimizing complex processes in health care environments. The company is intensively involved in new technologies from innovative disposable products to software solutions.

NeoMed, Inc. was founded in 2007 to create quality neonatal focused devices dedicated to enhancing patient safety. The core of NeoMed’s vision was developing and marketing a neonatal/pediatric specific enteral safety system that eliminated dangerous misconnection errors commonly resulting from using IV products to deliver enteral nutrition.

NEOTECH Products LLC was founded in 1986 by a doctor and two biomedical engineers. They wanted to develop products that would help both clinicians and patients. NEOTECH is a pioneer in the development of innovative products for neonatology and pediatrics. The Company is specialized in skin-friendly items that are ideal for neonates.

As a young company from Israel, Peak Medical Ltd., develops highly innovative products together with leading neonatologists. The company is specialized in airway management, emergency and critical care devices.

Read McCarty had already invented the Soothie® and GumDropTM pacifiers, when he founded SandBox Medical together with Eileen Gay in 2009 to create the newest pacifier generation, the Jollypop®. Their passion is developing products that support the family-oriented neonatal intensive care medicine.

VELA is a Danish family-owned company founded in 1935 by manufacturer Vermund Larsen. The consequent focus of the development department applies to the optimization, functionality and ergonomics in collaboration with professionals of the health sector. At the same time we consider the daily load of the chairs in medical applications for hours and hours.

Since 50 years Vitrex is a leading medical manufacturer. The company develops and markets lancets and lancing devices, as well as pipettes and complementary products for a variety of segments within the health care sector.

For over 60 years, YSI has been offering excellent and innovative products for temperature monitoring. YSI temperature sensors are found in deep-sea trenches and in most spacecrafts. The medical applications range from delicate infant skin to research laboratories in the animal kingdom. Development engineers, practitioners and researchers trust the accuracy and high reliability that YSI provides.