KREIENBAUM Neoscience GmbH is a medium-sized medical technology and equipment company based in Langenfeld, Rhineland. It forms a group of companies with KREIENBAUM Wissenschaftliche Meßsysteme e.K.

KREIENBAUM Wissenschaftliche Meßsysteme e.K. was founded in 1997 by Frank-Eugen Kreienbaum. Seven years later, in 2004, KREIENBAUM Neoscience GmbH was founded.

The company is family owned and is managed across generations by two CEOs, Stephan Berlemann and Frank-Eugen Kreienbaum.

We not only act as a traditional distributor for renowned international manufacturers, but also as a direct manufacturer.

This combination allows us to take up the various ideas of our expert practitioners and integrate these into innovative medical products and medical and laboratory equipment.

Our strong focus on quality, the appropriate products for users and our specialization in the fields of neonatology, pediatrics and laboratory diagnosis, make us the market leader in many regards.

Through our proximity to customers, we’ve developed a close relationship between our company and the experts from the laboratory and medical fields. This is the fundamental building block of our motto:

We support where we can, always for the benefit of the patient. Simply “by your side”.

Two other companies belong to the group:



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